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Hier finden Sie  angeleitete Versionen der Gentle Breath Meditation® (Sanfter Atem Meditation) und sehr einfache und gleichzeitig tiefsinnige Texte zu dem Thema. Beides ist in englischer Sprache. Für uns war diese Form der Meditation eine kraftvolle Möglichkeit, Anstrengung und emotionale Aufs und Abs im Leben zu beenden.​


This is great to listen to if you are doing the Gentle Breath Meditation® for the first time or even if you have done it many times. Key points that are introduced include:

  • The importance of the imprint upon which you close your eyes. 

  • Bringing focus with the mind to the activity of the breath.

  • That meditation is mindful and not mindless.

  • True meditation is always about bringing you back to yourself and developing awareness; it is not about escaping, numbness, bliss or distraction.


The Gentle Breath Meditation® is delivered with true integrity; determining energetic quality by developing first the quality of gentleness and the rhythm of your own in-breath through the tip of the nose.

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