The Art of Being Me

April 20, 2016


„Why would you ask Picasso to copy Monet’s “Water Lilies” - and how on earth should that work?“ That question suddenly came to my mind when waking up today.


Over the last few days I had gradually started to realise to what extent I often try to be someone who I am not. The reasons are various: wanting to fit in, wanting to please, thinking that someone else is doing things better than me, … .


Whenever I am not as I would like myself to be, I will look out for a model to copy.

Today I suddenly asked myself „Why?“. Why do I want to be a copy of someone that is not me? Why do I try to create a copy instead of feeling inspired to do my own thing my way?

That was where the artist question came in and made the absurdity in all of that become so obvious.


Could you for example imagine Monet copying a work by Miro or Picasso copying a painting by Rubens? Of course they might, due to experience and talent, be able to create something that would look as near as the original as could be, but it would lack its essence.


This unique expression is something we all have. It could for example be the way to see sth., do sth. or sense sth., but whatever it is, it is our unique quality that no one else can bring in the way we are able to bring it.


I do not need to be able to paint like an artist, look like a model, earn a fortune o