Shining like a diamond

November 10, 2015


Since I was sixteen, diamonds have deeply fascinated me.


Not because of their material value, but because of their unique physical properties and sparkle.

I have learned a lot about jewelry and gems ever since, about the history, craftsmanship and art of jewelry and gem-cutting. I discovered many amazing details over the years, but nothing has ever fascinated me more than the sparkle of a diamond.


A diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth and it does reflect more light than any other gemstone. There is a large variety of cuts, all with their different properties. Not one diamond is exactly like another, every single one is a beauty in its own. The more of them there are, the greater the sparkle.


Just this morning, when sitting on the sofa, feeling a wonderful autumn morning dawn outside, I saw amazingly beautiful reflections of the warm glow from the fire in the stove in the diamond on my finger. The sparkle was so still, nearly subtle, yet so joyful and profound.