The beauty of being honest

August 4, 2015



A few days ago I woke up feeling very light, rejuvenated and relaxed – and it was only 2am.


I realized that this was exactly the same feeling with which I had gone to bed with the day before.


I had not specifically done things differently than usually, but had simply been very honest with myself, letting myself not be guided by my thoughts or knowledge, but by what I was feeling.


Well, I have to say that in fact I always knew what would have been a wise choice for the next steps in my life, but often I have let myself been guided by anxiety or comfort and have walked a different path. These paths never carried me of track totally but looking back, some proved to be quite a detour.


Whenever there was a decision to be made, there was a clear feeling deep inside of me about what to do at first, but then I would let a spiral of thoughts kick in, pretending that I was evaluating and analysing the situation from every angle.