July 12, 2015


Just yesterday I discovered that the English name for a flower that in Germany is called „Moon Viola“ is ‘honesty’.


This name is so very fitting in many ways:

Like honesty this flower is never the first thing to be seen, but always present by its wonderful smell reminding you of beauty. When looking at its flowers the first thing that comes to my mind is simplicity, delicacy and strength combined with absolute clarity – and that is what honesty is about for me.


Being totally honest – regardless of how confronting this may be for me or another person – will bring the most amazing simplicity. If I am honest, I create the basis for trust – in myself – and this will allow others to trust themselves, trust me and open up as well.

On this open basis the most amazing changes can root.


When I am totally honest and open, I feel very delicate and vulnerable – or better I felt like that – until I understood that not only is this delicacy a wonderful beauty in itself, but the vulnerability I show is in fact incredibly powerful.

If I show all of me, I do not have fear, because I do not hide and do not try to protect my seemingly weak points,